Monday, January 31, 2011

Penance Log of Brannan Brundle: Entry 4

No Escape!
Palast, Misham the 6th*

I didn’t even last an hour this time. I figured I’d go the other way away from the main pasture and steer clear of the Abbot. I headed toward the laundry lines and there’s my good buddy Etal along with a few other scrawny cheese monks. This time I decide to slip by them between the laundry sheets. I was up to a good run until that twerp Etal somehow got ahead of me and tripped my feet right out from under me from the other side of the sheets. I hit the ground hard and all the other little cheesey priests piled on. I had no chance, sure one on one I’d mop the floor with the creeps but there was too damn many of them. Abbot Morrow only pointed out how lucky that I was to be provided with St. Cuthbert’s lesson on the importance of teamwork. What a bunch of bunk, I’ve always worked alone and I’ve done just fine. Unfortunately the Abbot has decided that since I’m well enough for escape attempts I’m well enough to begin going to services and start work. If I wanted to work I'd have stayed at my father’s smithy!

*The days/months I'm using is the Solamnic calendar from Dragonlance because it's neato.
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  1. Just FYI, I am stealing your rehabilitation via penal work idea for my paladin.