Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog 2! Electric Boogalo!

Now I'm back, from outer space,
You walked in to find me here with that sad look upon my face;
You should have changed that stupid lock or made me leave my key,
If you'd known for 1 second that I'd come back and give you another dose of me!

That’s right people the blog is back with a new format and hopefully a new banner soon!
The first go at blogging in 2010 was to serve 2 purposes:
1) Let me try it out so I could try blogging from a user perspective and do my job better.
2) See if it was a fulfilling forum for writing.
The new goals for the blog in 2011 are purely self indulgent attempts to create, share and make myself feel like a productive human being. I’m restructuring the blog via my Molecule Manesque ability to restructure matter on a sub atomic level using only the power of sarcasm and self generated bile.
I’m going to try and offer regular content with extras interspersed at my own whim and dependent entirely on my amount of energy, anger and coffee in my system.
Here are the regular features I will be attempting:
4T Icon. Fear It!
Monthly Feature: #TravelRants Twitter Trails
#TravelRants Twitter Trails will be a a monthly round up of the travel insanity I encounter on the BART, EmeryGoRound and general travel weirdness I encounter. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook @ GeekGamerguy to see these micro rants in real time and comment to ask for more details there. I’ll collect these monthly and add more details not allowed by the Twitter character count. This will usually post in the first week of the month.

I will eat your eyes!
Bi-Weekly Feature: Media Madness
I’m a media junkie; comics, movies, tv, podcasts etc rule me with their pixely fists! Every couple weeks I’ll offer thoughts on these media outlets and the good and bad (usually bad) content thrown at our brains like so much monkey feces. This will usually post in the 2nd and 4th week of the month.

St. Cuthbert rules you!
Weekly Feature: The Pen of Penance
This is my favorite feature and I’ll probably be the only one that reads it. My current Dungeons and Dragons character needs some back story which I will tell in the form of a log he was being forced to keep by the monks that rehabilitated him so many years ago. This is an effort on my part to creatively write in a focused manner. I hope you’ll like it as much as I will enjoy agonizing over it.

Non-Scheduled Feature: Wild Hairs
These will be features that are not scheduled but things that occur to me to write about. Think about them as bonus content or surprise buttsecks. Whatever floats your boat.

So that is the plan people. Send me suggestions on things you’d like me to talk about and any questions you’d like answered and I’ll do my best. Also, If there are any artists out there that want to make a new banner for Creativosity (760 pixels wide) than let me know. I’m also going to make icons for each feature. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on what they should be.
Good luck in 2011 people!


  1. Also, send me cake. Lots of cake.

  2. Remind me not to piss you off so I don't become one of your wild hairs! Our family should give you many subject lol! Love, Means!

  3. Oh Ray Ray Ray Its a blog hehe stop planning and just write :P
    Just let it flow man whatever comes out just go with it

  4. Every time I try to 'let it flow' someone threatens to call the cops.

  5. I like the image of "...a log he was being forced to keep by the monks..." I see snapshots of some guy getting ice cream in the park with a small log cradled in his arms; he looks like he's just getting through his day as best he can, but maybe he'd be happier by himself.

  6. Gently cradling the log murmuring softly to himself: "It's looooog, loooooog, it's big, it's heavy it's wood. It's looooog, loooooog, it's better than bad it's good!".