Friday, January 7, 2011

#TravelRants Twitter Trails #1

Here's the first installment of #TravelRants Twitter Trails. This should give you an idea of what it's all about:

Blew off the Powell bus for the WG Express which just went right past me. Wonder if he knows he's still on duty? #TravelRants
5 Jan
Lately the Watergate Express, my direct shuttle of choice, has been dropping people off and then going on it’s merry way without picking us up only to mysteriously show up again 10 minutes later. I doubt the guy has a break since it’s the last run the Watergate Express. I suspect a drug problem, he wants to catch the last 5 minutes of a Colbert rerun or he’s just a sadistic bastard that hates us.

EGoRound stopped to let an ambulance go by and now my schedule is shot! That hurt/sick person better survive or I'll be pissed! #TravelRants
5 Jan
Correction, I was pissed no matter what. I hope the person is OK and not just a hypochondriac that like messing with my schedule/sanity. I used to live amongst many older people and retirees and they would sometimes call an ambulance for the company. Did they never hear of Peter and the Wolf? What if they really did get hurt and the ambulance blew it off? Do they want to die on their kitchen floor as the Granny that Cried Broken Hip?

Why bother lining up if everyone is going to just trample each other into the Bart? Never have so many trampled for so little. #TravelRants
4 Jan
WTH people! Some of us stand patiently queued up (that’s right, I went all UK on your asses with the word queue) and when the train opens the doors we’re trampled by rude Johnny come Latelies desperate for a seat. I’m one more trampled loafer away tripping people into the 3rd rail!

Clipper Card screws up attempting to credit me back for a double charge. Not fixed til Thursday :-( Progress in action! #TravelRants
3 Jan
The fine people at Clipper double charged me and in attempt to show competence they decide to credit me back. Unfortunately the crediting account isn’t the same as the billing account which causes the BoFA to freeze my credit card with me blissfully unaware. Then two days later they charge to recharge my card only to have it blocked cuz the card is still frozen. I get it straightened out but it’s going to take 4 days to get the Clipper Card reactivated! That’s progress people. They can stop a card in a nanosecond but it tales 4 days to get a loyal customer up and running. Had to use a paper BART card like a caveman all week!

Missed the 1st BART of the New Year thanks to a malfunctioning Clipper Card. So it begins...#TravelRants
3 Jan
See previous insanity and Happy New Years. I hope you resolve to comment more on my blog this year.


  1. Yes, my resolution is indeed to comment more on your blog this year. And with this post, I'm well on my way!

  2. Hey, what is that logo? Jean Grey's diary?