Friday, January 14, 2011

Penance Log of Brannan Brundle: Entry 2

Escape? Not likely...
Palast, Majetag the 4th*
About one hour, that’s how long before they caught up to me. I wasn’t expecting them to be awake before dawn but evidently that’s the best time to milk their thrice damned cows and what do I do? I run right through the main pasture smack dab into the Abbot. I ain’t never been scared of no holy man before, except maybe some of those priest of Hextor in the bleeding armor, so I thought I’d waltz right though this cheese monk. I was wrong. Upon spotting me he asked me only 1 question: “Do you write with your right or left hand Brannan?”. I answered my right and closed on him in hopes of maybe gaining a little coin for my escape. The next thing I know I’m on the ground being beaten mercilessly by this spry old cleric. I’m covered in bruises everywhere except my writing hand for reasons only obvious now. Great Moradin what have I got myself into?!

*The days/months I'm using is the Solamnic calendar from Dragonlance because it's neato.
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