Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Meeting That Never Was...

The meeting was canceled. Canceled meetings are the best kind of meetings because it's all suspense and build up without the inevitable let down at the end. On a side note 'canceled' is one of those words that looks spelled incorrectly but for some inexplicable reason is correct in the English language. It always looks like it dropped a letter 'l' or 'c' on the way to the dry cleaners. If a word ever had holes in it's pockets for letters to slip out of 'canceled' is it.

Also the mango drink was delicious.


...I have a production mtg.

Oh yeah, now I remember

I remember why now! It's because I'm funnier than half your friends and if I'm helping design a site at work that has blogging I guess I should try it. How'm I doing so far? How'm is not a real word; get used to that as well as the misuse of semicolons as I'm too busy to learn their proper application.

In the meantime here's a picture of a cat. I heard the internets likes cats:

That's someone's cat. I don't know them or their cat but anyone that keeps their cats clean is alright by me.
I found it after a nanosecond long Google search at this location: Some Other Blog I Never Heard of and Neither Have You.

Blogging is not as hard as I thought. I think I deserve one of these:

Stole that image outright from some blogger whining about mommyhood or something. Click there if you like that sort of thing but be warned, there was no mention of breastfeeding or any pictures or anything.

BRB, need one of those mango drink things.

Dear god why

Why should I have a blog you ask? First, the hint of sarcasm and disgust in your voice has been duly noted and will be remembered come Christmas time and second, I have no idea.