Friday, January 21, 2011

Penance Log of Brannan Brundle: Entry 3

I asked for some of that magic healing for the working over the Abbot gave me yesterday and I swear that pipsqueak Etal laughed at me. What kind of holy men are these scum? I’m obviously suffering from the beating from one of their own and they won’t lift a finger to help! Etal just mumbled something about the first of St. Cuthbert’s lessons has been shown to me by the abbot himself. Something about every action having a consequence or some such nonsense. I’ve half a mind to strangle that little rotter in his sleep but I wonder if Abbot Morrow trained him too. I’ll play it safe for now but that little bug Etal and that blasted Abbot will taste my wrath soon enough. The Abbot is a problem though, I’ll have to be more clever when I try to escape next time.

*The days/months I'm using is the Solamnic calendar from Dragonlance because it's neato.
For more information on the Pen of Penance feature read this post.
For more info on Brannan Brundle see this post.

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