Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pen Of Penance: Entry 1

Penance Log of Brannan Brundle
Palast, Newkolt the 3rd*

Not the best way to start this new year for Nerull’s sake. I’m not sure what’s the more galling notion, first that I get pinched by the guard for a simple misunderstanding over a coin pouch or getting sentenced to a year laboring for these blasted monks! Cheese monks of St. Cuthbert if you could believe such nonsense! Oh sure, they try and church themselves up a bit amongst the peasant rabble, Holy Order of St. Cuthbert’s Pious Providers. Bah, they’re a bunch of monks and priests that milk cows and make cheese and now I’m supposed to be a slave for this lot. I think not. They expect me to write my thoughts down and reflect on my past sins in this log so how’s this for a start you dolts! I’ll be fleeing at first light and they can kiss my labor goodbye!

*The days/months I'm using is the Solamnic calendar from Dragonlance because it's neato.
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  1. We played our first DnD session of the new year yesterday. We are now pirates...AWESOME!