Monday, January 24, 2011

Media Madness #2 Comic Review of: Warriors of Dharuk #1

Media Madness #2 Comic Review of Warriors of Dharuk #1
This edition of Media Madness is a review of the impending comic Warriors of Dharuk #1. One of the most unique aspects of this comic is that it is being written by Stephen Lindsay and his 7 year old son Ayden.

Warriors of Dharuk follows the story of Jodi,  a young Rikki (warrior) of Clan Dharuk. The Dharuk resemble koala bearesque creatures with decidedly unkoala-like attitudes. The position of a Dharuk warrior is highly prestigious and the comic presents itself as Jodi's journey to join their ranks.

Along the way we are introduced to an anthropomorphic world that at times seems pastoral and verdant but also possesses such technology as automatic weaponry. Jody's first antagonists resemble evil flying squirrels and ride ostrich like steeds but those mounts are armed with automatic machine guns presenting a wonderful juxtaposition that begs the reader to ask questions about this world.

We are introduced to a father figure in the form of an Armadillo like fighter of great ability. The seeds of mentor-ship are sown in their first memorable meeting. The first issue also presents us with a high level villain in the form of an alligator monarch that seems as cunning and intelligent as he is powerful. This is a refreshing change from most villains usually being either strong or smart but not both.

Warriors of Dharuk presents us with a world richly illustrated by Dave Myers with colors by Freddy Lopez Jr. Gone or the typical comic styles of hard lines and static or overly digital effects. Myers and Lopez present a rich, painterly world that is beautiful to look at with unique characters and lush, detailed backgrounds.

Pros: Warriors of Dharuk #1 presents the reader with a unique world that has enough familiarity to be engaging to a young reader while challenging them with interesting ideas such as the mixed technology. The main character and supporting cast are compelling and make you want to follow the journey. The world has an implied richness thanks to the lush, qualities of the artwork and distinct personalities of the characters. This is a great comic to help younger audiences make the transition for kids books to comics.

Cons: The violence of the story might make some parents shy away from presenting it to their kids. If you feel your kids can handle the battles which are not terribly graphic than this is the book to get them into comics. The book appears to be a hero's journey which is well trod upon territory but the world makes it worth the trip.

Rating Round Up
If you're looking for superhero type action than this isn't the comic for you. If you're looking for a fun read with creative and unique art than I can't recommend this book high enough; especially if you have young kids you want to introduce to comics.

3.5 Kirby Dots out of 5

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