Monday, September 27, 2010

PAX Travelogue: Picture Perfect

Most of you know I rant constantly about the insanity of my weekly commute on twitter an FB (find me at geekgamerguy for both). I've decided to share my transit experience from Emeryville to Seattle and back in pictures with only captions and the pix telling the story. I apologize in advance for the weird formatting. eBlogger is shit for pic formatting.

Feel free to ask for more details in comments. So it begins....

I thought I packed light; I was wrong.
Every good trip begins with taking care
of the essentials.

The infamous EmeryGoRound.
Looks almost harmless from
a distance doesn't it...
And then its on you!

With my fistful of gold pieces I am ready
for whatever mass transit throws my way!
Muni madness. You can't tell but there's
actually 45,000 people/car. Or maybe it just
feels that way.

Hello Newman! My old nemesis the BART.
Boarding Pass acquired!
Now to storm the Virgin! (airlines)

Creepy twink billboard making me question
my sexuality. I wonder if people that shop at
Polo are called Polophiles? They should be. 
This lady snuck a whole pie on! And I watched
her and her hubby polish the whole thing off!

Every chair on Virgin Air has a personal
entertainment center. It's nearly

non-functional but at least its mine. 
Decisions, decisions...

Mmmmmm empty calories brought to me
without having to move my lazy ass.

The lovely Chelsea Handler in the corner of the menu.
Some day I'll marry that girl and our livers will live to a
ripe old age of 40 together.

Biplane at SeaTac. Recently retired by
Southwest Airlines.
Dunno what it is but I want one.

The Red Dragon! Robin's mighty steed!
The lovely Robin preparing to tame the dragon!


  1. That is one hot dragon-rider you've found! Think you can tame her?

  2. I hear that chick has a thing for dragons. I hear she may have even kissed one at PAX.